Cary 300SEi integrated amp- opinions??

Considering the 300 SEi. If anyone owns or has tried, would be great to get some feedback. Application will be small (8x10) second listening room- mainly jazz. Also- if anyone is using Soliloquy speakers with these, which model? I am thinking 5.3's. Thanks in advance!!
Great combo the sound should be great, I haven't heard the 5.3's personally but I understand it is a pretty efficient speaker and should do well with the amp
The 5.3's are great, don't have them but have heard them at demo's. I have also thought of the same thing one day. I also heard their smallest bookshelf, I forget the model #. It did a whole lot more than I thought it could. Also, both where very solid feeling with the "knuckle test"
Thanks for the feedback. I think the 300 SEi has KR 300bxls tubes, which someone I know says are 'dry and uninvolving'. He much prefers Western Electric 300b's; so maybe I will look into a combo that has those. Later!
I just got the 300sei with WE 3oos for a second system. So far it sounds flat compared to my Aloia setup.I'm waiting for NOS driver and input tubes from Kevin at Upscale.I'll let you know what happens when I get them. Also waiting for Coincident Super Eclipse which are much more efficient than the Dunlavy SCII's that I'm currently using.