Cary 306 SACD: How good at redbook playback?

Hi, I am thinking of upgrading from my Cary 303/300 player to the new 306 SACD player. The main reason is because of the digital inputs which I can use for my digital music front end. I dont have any SACD and dont intend to buy that many because I am not that into classical or jazz. I have about 5000 redbook cds.

So my question is: How good is the 306 at redbook playback? Is it better than the 303/300? My other option is to just get a DAC but if the 306 is really good at redbook playback then I can get a better cd player and an external DAC in one package.

Thanks in advacne.
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yes ...the 306 sacd is a much better redbook player than the 303/300