Cary 306 SACD: How good at redbook playback?

Hi, I am thinking of upgrading from my Cary 303/300 player to the new 306 SACD player. The main reason is because of the digital inputs which I can use for my digital music front end. I dont have any SACD and dont intend to buy that many because I am not that into classical or jazz. I have about 5000 redbook cds.

So my question is: How good is the 306 at redbook playback? Is it better than the 303/300? My other option is to just get a DAC but if the 306 is really good at redbook playback then I can get a better cd player and an external DAC in one package.

Thanks in advacne.
If sacd is not a priority why would you want to commit funds into that format,there are other good players that have ins that would fit the bill for redbook only. Just curious...
To answer your question, I like the house sound of Cary Audio players so I want to stay with their cdp. The 306 offers digital inputs which I can use for my digital music. Since I already like the way Cary sounds I figure if I use their DAC for my digital music then I will be getting more of a good thing. I was thinking about getting an external DAC anyway so if I can get a DAC AND a great redbook cdp (better than my 303/300) with the 306 then I would prefer to do this. I hope this clarifies things.
TBoooe - save your money and get a good pair of NOS RCA 12AU7 tubes and the Herbies Audio Hal-O tube dampers and forget about the 306. It will take the 303/300 to a whole new level of performance!
The RB playback on the Cary 306/SACD is stunning, even better than my Cary 303/300 with NOS tubes.

How much more is really a question for your ears and (mostly) your pocketbook.
Thanks everyone. I should be getting my 306 this Wed. I cant wait to compare it to my 303!

the 306 is a GREAT player. if you like the Cary sound, this cdp could be the last one you buy for a long time. please let me know if you have any specific questions.