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Amp recommendation for AKG K1000's headphones?
I used the cary 300sei WE 300b for a couple of years with my AKG1000'S....great sound it was the best I'd ever heard from a headphone.Now I'm using the Cary 805c monoblocks. With the akg1000's hooked up to the 4 ohm speaker posts.The akg 1000's ar... 
Help me Choose rega P5 or Michell Gyro SE
have you considered the REGA P9?I compared it to the Michell and thought it was much better.I have it setup with the cary ph302 phono stage and benz-micro ruby 3 cartridge. 
Cary 306 SACD: How good at redbook playback?
yes ...the 306 sacd is a much better redbook player than the 303/300 
Benz Ruby 2 vs Ruby 3
another vote for ruby 3 
EAR 834P or Cary PH302
no contest.....CARY PH302 
Best phono stage balanced under $3000 used
CARY PH-302 
Rhea Noise
I also experienced too much noise from the rhea .I found the Cary ph302 with fixed gain(54) and shielding to be much quieter.I am using it with the benz-micro ruby 3h mc catridge.This is a very musical combo.  
A simple question from the new guy ....
You've already gotten great technical advice from the above posts.I just want to reinterate that analog sounds so much better to me in terms of 3-d imaging and timbre.That the pops and ticks are insignificant.The only thing that matters to me is h... 
CD Player with best bass??
Get the CARY 306 SACD player it has fantastic bass.The reviewer in this months POSITIVE FEEDBACK online mag. says it has the best bass he has heard from any source.He also bought the CARY 306 SACD after reviewing it. I also have the AKG 1000 and h... 
What is the best CD player direct into one's amp?
Visit the website for EVS passive attenuators.There is a through discussion of what is involved in setting up a direct to amp system.I'm presently using the EVS passive attenuators between my theta DAC and Amp.I also use it for my phono stage.I pl... 
$3-6K Source Upgrade: Digital vs Vinyl Again
Yes go for the best vinyl setup you can afford.I just recently asked myself the same question.and after much A/Bing between SACD/VINYL....decided that Vinyl was so much more involving and enjoyable to listen to.My analog frontend consists of a Reg... 
Finally Lurked for 2 years, then bought......Rega
Yes John at 'The Audio Connection" is a fantastic dealer.Anyone in Seattle who is in to highend tube gear/vinyl...etc. should visit his shop.He has been incredibly patient while I audition various componets.Also,he and Denis Had from CARY AUDIO ha... 
Thank You !....."Nietzchelover"...great info.Your impressions are consistent with mine. 
Thanks for your input everybody.Like i said I'm very happy with my system.CARY805ae/REGAp9/RUBY3h/CARY302/SOLILOQUY sm23a/AU 24 speakercable 1 meter length/EVS passive attenuators&direct connection to amp.just wanted thoughts regarding the AU ... 
Where do you buy "NEW/Current" LPs?