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Another sign SACD is dying
I used to be strictly into analog...but the cary 306 sacd player has changed all that.I hope SACD stays around for long long time.Plan to buy as many titles as i can.... 
speaker outs to rca adapter....OK for headphones?
Give the AKG 1000 a listen.They are specificaly designed to be run off the speaker post.I have mine hooked up to CARY 805's for headphone listening....'SONIC BLISS' 
Cary 306 SACD
yes this player is for real....just bought one.i prefer its sacd playback to my rega p/ruby 3 analog setup. 
Cary 306 SACD
the cary 306 sacd has been getting rave reviews on audio asylum 
Best MC cartridge for a nott/schroder - under 2k
Audio Research PH5
MY order of preference...RHEA, CARY PH-302 , CARY PH301 AND ARCPH5.