cary 306, meridian 588 or linn ikema

i am currently using a ML 39 cd player but am considering changing it because of some mechanical problems with the disc tray. should i go for the cary 306, meridian 588 or the linn ikema?
Can you audition them? I have listened to the Linn and the Cary and they are different birds. Both are very good, but different, with the Cary having a lighter but extremely articulate sound and it would depend on your system and personal taste as to which would be best.
Have you held down the Drawer button while hard powering the unit on? This should recalibrate the drawer and fix any tray problems. About the other players, the Linn Ikemi is a great player, very musical with great resolution with it's only flaw being light in the bass. The Meridian has much more bass weight and will sound much more like your 39 if the sound of that player suits your taste.