Cary 303/200 Digital Compatibility With CD-R

Is anyone else having problems doing a digital synch when recording a CD-R from the Cary 303/200 digital output. I have an HHB 850 CD-R and it says that it "cannot synch" when I try to do this feature. Everything is hooked up correctly. I later tried to do the synch feature with my DVD player and there was no problem. Is it just a compatibility issue with Cary and HHB? I was thinking on trying the Sony CDR-W66, but will that work with the Cary?
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I had a Cary 306/200 and it also wouldn't work with my Pioneer and Fostex pro DAT and CD recorders. I talked with Dennis Had of Cary and he thought it was my recorders but they worked with every other dac or cdp. I posted a similar question and a number of folks had the same problem.Cary recommended that I send the unit back but it was just too much trouble as I had other players to use as a source for recording.