MR 74 tuner compatibility

I have a Mac 2100 amp and C-28 preamp. Am able to pick up an MR 74 tuner at reasonable cost. Does anyone see a problem with the compatibility of adding this tuner to the system?
MR 74 and C-28 are fine compatability wise. Both SS and decent sounding. My Dad has the C-28 with the MR 71, but also has several Fisher tuners as well, all with no issues. Just wondering why you might feel there would be compatability issues?
The MR 71 although a 12 tube design, and the SS 77 are somewhat better sounding than the 74, however they would be several hundred $$$ more than the 74. Dont pay more than $400.tops in exc. cond. IMO
The MR74 is a perfect mate for the C28 and MC2100...if the MR74 is aligned properly and functioning correctly, you'll love the sound it produces with a descent fm stereo station...