Compatibility of SME arm and Air Tight cartridge

I am contemplating changing the arm on my technics sp 10 to an SME 309 or Series IV with detachable headshell. Would this a combination that would work or is there something else that might be better? I am not changing the plinth from the origiinal obsidian plinth at this time.
Dear Aronsss: I know there are many alternatives on tonearms for that cartridge or for other cartridges. See in what your system is and due that you own the SP-10 IMHO a good choice could be this:

the EPA-100 is a fine tonearm and mate very well with your TT and with several different cartridges.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Thanks Raul -

Any moving coil recommndations for the EPA 100 arm ? (I know that there are mm alternatives!)

Dear Mitch: Dynavector XV-1 could be a good choice or something else like:

due that the EPA-100 is a removable headshell design you can match with different cartridges.

Regards and enjoy the music,
I have an SME V with the Airtight PC-1 on an SME 10 table. It is a wonderful combination. Albert Porter has the Technics SP10 with a 12" SME V and Airtight Supreme which he upgraded from the PC-1. The SME arm and airtight combination is very compatible, IMHO.
Dear Aronsss: I hope you do not buy yet the AT PC-1 that IMHO ( an even in the SME. ) is not up " to the task " against other cartridges name it here,not even the Supreme: IMHO these AT cartridges are in the hi-fi side, does not make " music ".

Regards and enjoy the music,
I have long respected your opinions here and still do. I must differ with you on your "hi fi" statement about the PC-1 Supreme though. It makes music in my system. I think this just underscores that there are no analogue experts here(or anywhere else) only opinions. I have heard several systems in the past months and could live with them all. I find the combination of Air Tight and SME to be competitive with the best. Buy what you like and enjoy it Aronsss, your opinion is all that will matter to you.
Sonofjim -

I have heard the pc-1 and like it. How does it compare to your benz lp?

I found the PC-1 Supreme to be an eye opener. In my system, more detailed and dynamic. I also really enjoy the Benz however and, most recently, the xv-1s mono. Whenever possible, audition these pieces yourself and see what you prefer. There's no shortage of enjoyable cartridges out there and none is the perfect one for all situations. I do think if you try Air Tight and SME you will be impressed though.
Dear Sonofjim: +++++ " there are no analogue experts here(or anywhere else) only opinions " ++++

I respect your opinion on that cartridge that you like in your system, I did/do not. I heard now five samples in four different systems and that's why my opinion is that ( agree just an opinion. ).

My audio priorities are the same in the last few years as is the live music as my very first reference but in the last few months ( thank's to the great MM/MI alternative. ) my home audio system quality performance reference/standards ( in any audio system not only in mine. ) change a little, now that reference/target/standards not only improve but is/are more tight with less " tolerance " than before and IMHO the AT ones are away of that " new " reference.

Sonofjim, fortunately " things " change or we make it change or at least try it, we/I can't stay for " years " with the same quality references with out aspire for true improvements, well I 'm lucky enough ( and I " work " hard too. ) and discover a way " better " references: references that put me ( and put many other people. ) near to the MUSIC/recording like anything else in the past.
IMHO both AT can't even touch that " new " reference level and I have to say that almost no LOMC can do it. I have to say that I'm lucky enough too to have dedicated top level phono stages for LOMC and for MM/MI ones a must desired to hear with out any single doubt those new standards.

I already posted elsewhere which vintage and today LOMC are nearest that " new " analog home audio references ( just my opinion. ).

I accept all the comment you posted because you and me know what you are hearing but you don't know ( like other/many people. ) what I'm hearing and more important than that you don't know what I'm refer to with that " new reference/standards " words.

do you want/would you like to hear this new analog audio reference?, please email me.

Regards and enjoy the music,