Carver HR 895 Receiver?

Thoughts on the HR 895 Receiver? Picked one up yesterday along with the SD/A 360 CDP. Shame the CDP couldn't have been the 390T.
Insight appreciated. -Thanks-
It does have a good sound, it plays music and movies nicely.

After some time of use, it gets very hot. It needs to be placed out of my rack in order to keep it cool.
I have some static in one channel that is unaffected by volume. I tried cleaning the controls through the faceplate with contact cleaner, but it did not work. I could run the unit for hours with no static at all. It's not loud. I have to get the face plate off which is a pain because it is screwed onto the unit from the inside on the bottom, which requires a long screw driver, and one of the screws is hidden. Brilliant design.
To fix the channel, you just need to replace 4 transistors.

Q701 - 2SA1145
Q702 - 2SA1145
Q703 - 2SC2705
Q704 - 2SC2705

This is well known problem. These HR-895 are awesome!
As more people find out about that model, the used prices will rise.
IME, the best Carver receiver was simply called 'The Receiver'. If I remember correctly it was a powerhouse, conservatively rated at 125WPC.
I fixed it by selling almost two months ago.

And "The Receiver" should be called "The Headache". That thing is an accident waiting to happen.
I did keep the SD/A 360. Nice CD player.
I own three of these beautiful receivers. The first one I purchased used in 1992. I had all three diagnosed and serviced by an original Carver technician. The most common problem is the right channel static caused by a transitor being too far away from the right power transformer, not sensing the heat, thus creating static.
Though the control panel can be difficult to navigate, I only use these prologic receivers for stereo purposes only.
Looking for a tank that produces clean sound from the late '80's? This baby is your solution.
Hi - I have a carver 2000 receiver, has static on one channel, doesn't vary based on volume. Hear it thru speakers and headphones with volume all the way off. I heard on other carver models this may be 4 transistors - does anyone know if it is the same 4 transistors in the carver 2000, and should I replace them with the same transistors in the service manual, or are there different spec'd transistors that work better - any help greatly appreciated.