Cartridge for a Thomas Schick Tonearm...MM ?

Hi all,
While I have been reading that one of the best cartridges for a Thomas Schick tonearm (12") is a DL103, preferably with a Uwe body et al.
Has anyone tried it out with an MM/MI cartridge with good results ?
appreciate any info/pointers on this
Dear Arj. I never had the opportunity to heard that tonearm with a MM/MI. Said it and looking to your Nagaoka one and due that the tonearm is a removable headshell design and that the Nagaoka MP-30 is not a typical high/very high compleance cartridge design I can't see how this tonearm/cartridge/headshell combination could give you a " wrong/bad " match. Of course that is only an opinion with no first hand experiences about.

Regards and enjoy the music,
The arm is designed to work with loe compliance cartridges. The OMA site sells a moving magnet cartridge made by Soundsmith for the Shick arm. It goes for $800 and I suspect it's a superb value.
Other options would be the UWE, Zu or Soundsmith modified Denon's.
An SPU would work well as would a Koetsu.
The OMA site also features another cartridge whose name is escaping me which would work well.
It's really a mater of your taste and budget.
I agree with Franks. I own a Schick tonearm, and I think that the DL-103R is very good with these caveats:
1- Lose the outer plastic shell. A nuded 103x is much better than the stock version, and in fact I actually prefer a nude version mounted on an ebony headshell to most wood body options.
2- Wood body - can be OK or can be great, depending on which body and how well the mounting job was done. For me, I find better results where the cartridge *is not* potted.
3- I am not crazy about using aluminum cartridge bodies on this arm - just my preference. YMMV
4- A new Ruby cantelever retip by Peter at Soundsmith will completely change your opinion of the "lowly" DL-103 cartridge.
5- Finally, your choice of headshell will make a huge difference with this combination of cartridge and tonearm. I prefer the Yamamoto Ebony but Sumiko or Micro will do in a pinch.

I also enjoy the Ortofon SPU line with this tonearm; especially for classic mono recordings. I have also had good sussess with selected Benz and Lyra models.
Thanks a lot everyone ! the idea behind the MM was as i already have a good MM cart and Phono phono and did not want to change that ;)
But based on your responses and also other reading, it does appear the best option is a Denon 103 with a wood or Al body and a wood headshell.
What ill do is first try it out with the nagaoka MP30 i have and then decide if i want to change it as apparently the Schick does best with medium to low compliance design. if not the better option is to get the Denon + new MC phono

Raul, as you said the nagaoka is pretty accoomodating as well,so its well worth the try.
Despite being of a higher compliance, I have had great success with the Grace F9E with a sapphire paratrace from Expert. For comparison, I do also have a Uve Panzerholz 103R also with the sapphire paratrace. The Grace is similar in tonal richness and has a little more air. Different in the way 2 great Bordeaux are. Who cares, I'll take either one!!
Hi I finally settled on a DL103R with a Al body (Midas). it works really well.
Ojt212, do you use a thomas schick ?