Cartridge Advice

Hi Everybody

Just looking for a bit of advice. 
Have just purchased the Clear Audio Performance DC which came with the Clarify tone arm and the Virtuso Ebony Cartridge. I also have a Dynavector 17D2 on hand. I am not very good at mounting cart and will have some one over to help. Would rather do this just once. Which cart to put on the table?
The rest of the associated equipment is as follows. 
Phone Project Tube Box DS
Power Krell KRS 200 Monos
Pre Krell KRC3 
Speakers B&W 800 Ds (Not Diamonds) 
If it were me I'd try the Dynavector.  Your phono should support it.  The caveat being that it may be too bright with your Krell electronics.  I recently listened to the Virtuso with your table/arm and I think it will be a little "flat" in comparison.   
Second the DV suggestion.  The 17 was one of the very best when originally released back in the day and subsequent upgrades have kept it current (D3 now).  Can't speak to synergy with the Krell gear, but tube pre-pre and the B&Ws should love it.

Good luck & happy listening!

Stick with the CA Ebony, because it will partner way better with your Krell electronics. IMO. The Clear Audio will sound very musical and not edgy or bright in anyway, while still sounding airy and open.

Matt M                       P.S. Awesome turntable choice, I almost bought one as well.