Cartride in December


Around this time of year the cars
Drive by with trees tied to the roof
With string, and extra air is pressed under the tires
Those little rubber cushions--proof,
Like vibrapods, that masts will keep their tacks.
So why is wood so special down the groove
Clearaudio Virtuoso, Grado's low
And high shots: can you really hear a warmth
That's not there in the metal? I just ask. Or is it
In your head--in fact I rather favor Stax.
Wood is balanced, wood is warm. That's how the tree
gets home this time of year, dead like a deer
that should be sleeping or alive, not subject to the axe.
Bravo! And Merry Christmas to you!!
While I read your missive
the blood in my veins coursed
I couldn't help but think
it sounded really forced...

What difference to the music does the wood
Make in the cartridge? in the plinth? the wand?
Verdier has used concrete and also lacquer
And he has not been called a slacker.
Raul says go for metal--not so much for sound as for more constant girth,
+ precision in construction.
I take his point and see its worth,
In everything he is a man of truth.
And yet some cartridges imply their resonance affects the tune,
Appealing to our easy intuition:
Are cartriges like 'cellos when they are made of wood? does onyx make you stronger?
Was mich nicht umbringt...would iron make a Final Tool sound longer?

Happy new year to you all!
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