High-Output MC cartride with "MM" Phono Stage

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Is there any other considerations, when looking at the compatibility of an MC cartridge with a "MM only" Phono pre, outside of gain and loading? Any other dynamics at play that would disqualify a phono stage from working with MC cartridges?

I have an Icon Audio PS2 phono stage, which references in both the spec sheet and manual thay its "MM Only." I am looking to see if it could be compatible with a Hana SH or MH MC cartridge, which has 2mv output and has suggested loading of 47k. The Icon Audio PS2 loads at 47k and provides gain x200 (which I believe is 46db gain?). Everything checks out as compatible (perhaps the gain is a couple db low for 2mv output)...am I overthinking this?

Any MM phono stage must be OK with 2mV cartridges.
But a High Output MC is always inferior to its LOMC version, because with higher output there is more coil wire and higher moving mass. 

You'd be better with MM or MI cartridge if your phono stage is MM ONLY. 

Watch SoundSmith lecture, you will find the answer in his video. 
Technically, it's fine but, as Chakster said, for the most part, HOMC are not great. Certainly not an alternative to their LOMC brethren. 
Agree with the above.
I wouldn't get too seduced by the idea of MC superiority.
I've owned many LOMC's - some quite expensive - and I'm currently using a couple of MM cartridges with great satisfaction. 
To answer your actual question, no, there is no reason not to use a high output MC cartridge to drive a MM phono stage, providing the gain is adequate for the cartridge. And as you mentioned, of course you need to consider the load resistance and the capacitance. For a high output MC cartridge you would want low capacitance.

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02-04-2020 3:02am
To answer your actual question......
Well, the initial question had already been answered.
I moved from MM to a HOMC some 40yrs ago and  then on to LOMC. Looking back on it now I wish I'd have stayed with and fully explored MM.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing.