Carmen Sings Monk

Since there is not a "Wanted to buy" in software at Audiogon, I am asking for help from members.

I passed up a copy of "Carmen Sings Monk" by Carmen McRae on LP at EBAY, (stupid me)!

Since then I have kicked myself a hundred times, and scoured every possible music site in an attempt to find it. Ideas??
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I have acopy of that album on LP. My TT has been in disrepair for a few years so I haven't played it in a long time. It's a beautiful album. Interestingly, I believe that it used a digital master. However I always found the sonics to be very good. What you might do (depending on whether you live near a big city or college campus) is check out used record shops that sell LPs. There's a great store in Columbia SC, near the University of South Carolina, called Papa Joe's (It's been around long before Papa John's Pizza). They have a great Jazz LP collection. But there are stores in Georgetown, DC and College Park, Maryland (University of MD)with good jazz selections. So check out those areas similar to these in your locale or maybe call Papa Joes's.

Good Luck,
Speaking to information in Columbia, SC. they have no listing for Papa Johns or Papa Joe's. They did have a listing for Papa Jazz, and I telephoned them. They said Papa Jazz had to be the correct store, as they are the only Jazz store with a similar name in the city.

Unfortunately, they do not have this title either, and suggested I search the internet, which I have done.

I can burn a copy for you. I'm on medical contract with only my travel system, so you would get an analog copy from my travel NAD L-40 and my Philips stand alone burner. No charge, just email address.

Doug, your offer is much appreciated. This title is available as CD, in fact in the original version and a newer "remastered" version.

Problem is I am a LP guy, and long to find the original vinyl copy that I know exists, although right now seems very elusive.
Try contacting the Jazz Record Mart in Chicago. I'm pretty sure that's the name of the place; someone can correct me if I'm wrong. I would think they'd be worth a try Albert.