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Carmen Sings Monk
Albertporter, I can burn a copy for you. I'm on medical contract with only my travel system, so you would get an analog copy from my travel NAD L-40 and my Philips stand alone burner. No charge, just email address. Doug 
The Best Movie sound Tracks
Wyatt Earp, Rob Roy, Legends of the Fall, Black Beauty, Moll Flanders, The Brothers Mulligan, Clear and Present Danger, Diva, Brother's name a few. 
Stupid DAC question
The SACD question will linger until it joins the format graveyard along with Elcassette, DCC, DAT prerecorded, laser disc, Beta and 8-track. 450 titles is not even close to what I have in my personal CD collection. The software people are NOT on b... 
Your favorite blues album?
Doug McLeod. "Come to Find." 
Lead shots for speaker stand.
Lead shot mixed WITH the sand will give you the best of both worlds. 
Stupid DAC question
Go for the Rega and then be able to upgrade even further later. The transport is very good and will serve well later with an external DAC. Keep it simple. 
The "right" speaker
Totem Forest. Dynamic with strong imaging and bass. 
Best Unknown Jazz Album
Francy Boland/Kenny Clarke "Now Hear Our Meanin'." Screaming Big Band European style. 
Fired up the TT for the first time
This is like giving an alcoholic a bottle of Night Train, but in Kansas City is a shop with at least 3,000 sq.ft. of vinyl. Pretty sure I remember it as Streetside Records and Tapes 816 561 1580. Best of luck and I'm not responsible. 
Bookshelf speakers with the best bass...
I agree with Sugarbrie, great stands like Sound Org. with sand and lead shot, Blue Tac on top will certainly tighten and deepen bass. For $2500 the Reference 3A DeCapos are superb. 
Best tube pre under 1500?
Antique Sound. The magic of Antique Sound is it already sounds great with Chinese tubes and they are easily upgraded with better tubes and caps. Good luck. 
Yamaha T-2 Tuner, how good musically?
I've always enjoyed VINTAGE Yamaha pieces, found them to be musical, have owned several pieces, receivers and tuners. However, the Luxman stuff is better and certainly more musical, period. The T-450 or any of the late 70s very early 80s pieces ar... 
ML Aerius/room tweak
Byas, Let's start from the beginning. These speakers love well designed tube gear and if they sound a bit bright and out of control, it may well NOT be the room, but rather the equipment. I've run these before and they display none of what you men... 
Cary 300SEI drive LS3/5A?
LS3/5As are very particular about QUALITY of amplificaton and not necessarily quantity. Should work fine in a smaller space. Have not run your amp, but have run LS3/5As in many venues. Seen them trash 100 wpc of Pioneer amplification and yet lovin... 
I blew my speaker....Please help
Many things could be wrong with the amplifier and/or the hook-up in general. Start with taking the amp to a qualified tech, fixing that problem and then carefully reviewing speaker cable integrity. Good luck.