captured cable to IEC conversion challenges

I have come back to 2 channel after a layoff and am finding out things have changed! I have two Boulder 500AE Amps running mono, one with IEC ac connections and one without. My Preamp is also Boulder, a L3AE, with a captured cord as well. I made the mistake of trying out an "new improved" powercord on the one Boulder and ran it in Stereo for a bit...Yikes what a difference! Now of course I want to use the cords on the rest of my equipment but can find no one to make the mod, and only a few "adapters" offered. I am wary of such adapters given the current and voltage producted by this amp. Any suggestions?
Have you checked out Schurter 4735.0000 15A captured cable to IEC rewirable plug? They make some of the best connectors in the business, and their IEC connectors are used by several high end PC cable makers. It costs about $8. Google "schurter 4735". If your amps take 15A, it should work fine.
My Krell amp had a captive power cord. I cut it off about one inch from where it exits the amp's rear panel, wired in a Furutech FI-33 Gold 20amp IEC (see for a good selection of IEC choices) and used a dremel tool to enlarge the hole in the rear panel to fit the IEC. It took a couple of hours from start to finish. The IEC mod looks OEM now and I can change out power cords (with 20A plugs of course) at will.

An easier but less tidy method is to cut the captive power cord 2-3 inches out from where it exits the amp's rear panel and create a 'pigtail' using the IEC of your choice and a thorough application of heat shrink tubing or electrical tape, making sure to completely cover and insulate all metal surfaces for safety. This technique eliminates the need to modify your amp and will sound nearly as good, but it doesn't look all that great.

You will want to either find out what IEC is used in the one Boulder and match it on the other or change them both out with whatever IEC you choose. Your choice of IEC will affect the sound due to the type of prong plating (gold, silver, rhodium, etc) and how it interacts with the plating on the plugs of your power cords. There are several threads on AudioAsylum on the sound of each plating type (Duster is an expert poster on this) or you could consult Boulder and/or the power cord manufacturer for advice on which one to use.

Your thread is old, but I was wondering if you were successful with an IEC cord for your L3AE? If so, how did it sound? I was also wondering what benefit an IEC would have since the L3AE's captured cord is two-prong without ground pin?