Can you still get into CES on the last day?

You used to be able to get into CES on the last day, even if you're just a common audiophile scrub with no industry connections (aka, me). Does anyone know if that's still true?
Depends on how tired and lax the security people get.

CES closes at 3pm on the last day, according to the CES website. Something to consider.

T.H.E. Show requires no the T.H.E. Show website states..."present your business card reflecting your association with the Audio or Home Theater industry." IMO, this open to broad interpretation, and I cannot imagine T.H.E. Show turning away ANYONE interested in supporting the high end audio industry.
the last day everyone breaks down. the equipment gets packed away, and the personnel want to talk audio like they want another hole in their head
I suspect that security will be tighter at the Venetian than in the past at the Alexis Park.
Basically, I'll be there from late Wed. night through Friday, and am looking for a way in to peek around a little bit, if possible...
T.H.E. show would let my cat in, if it had a business card...your best bet to see whats up.
I got my CES badge 3 months ago, but can't go because of work. If you resemble a green rubbery guy with a slanted head you might be able to use my badge.
Jaybo, Do ya think they would let my cat in? He seems to like listening to vinyl but, when I put a CD on he looses interest and gets up and walks away. Even with the convenience of remote control and me staying put on the couch with him isn't enough to keep the tabby put. He's a bit of a analogue snob, I'm afraid. Ultimately, I'm envious and feel he's hearing more music than I, due to the larger ears. He might be a good reference for Hifi shopping.
Happy Listening!