Can You Defeat the Anti Skating in a Schroder CB Tonearm?

When setting up a cartridge and tonearm one should always defeat the anti skate mechanism. 
The Schroder CB tonearm has a magnetic anti skate mechanism adjusted by a grub screw in the lift platform. It came with the grub screw about 1 cm in and very noticeable anti skating force applied. Can you defeat this by backing out the grub screw a little or do you have to remove it all the way? There must be a magnet on the other side of the screw. I'm always a bit nervous about removing screws when I do not know what is on the other side. I envision magnets shooting across the room into oblivion. 
Five big ones and they can't be bothered to add a manual online or otherwise.
Just like on Reed 3P? Well, at least on 3p it’s adjustable (also magnetic anti skating with screw in and out). 
Test record for anti skating is good
I have the manual but it does not mention this one particular issue. I'm afraid if I unscrew the screw all the way stuff is going to fall out. They do mention that they make another screw for anti skating forces greater than 2.3 gram tracking forces. Must have a bigger magnet.
Reed makes some excellent arms. I went with the Schroder because it is lighter and works better with the Sota's suspension, the tonearm leads exit from under the arm which also works better with the Sota. Sotas do not like VTA towers. I wouldn't use it anyway. I am a set it and forget it kind of guy. The Schroder's post is graduated so it is easy to return to a given value.