Can the McIntoch Mc 452 and Mc462 power Martin Logan Summit X speakers

I've heard that McIntosh and Martin Logan can be a great match, but I don't understand how an amp can put out the same power (450 watts per channel) at 8, 4, and 2 ohms.  Audiogoners have recommended amps that double from 8 to 4 and again from 4 to 2 ohms if possible.  Any input will be greatly appreciated.  I know many of you will suggest other amps, especially the Magtech (which I might still buy), but please let me know about the specifics of my issue.
Best,the rustler
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the 'doubleing' of power depends on the amplifier design! there's a mcintosh dealer here in whittier ca. in business since the late 50's that has mcintosh amps and martin logan speakers in their main listening room. must be a reason!
Hi Rustler, we corresponded a few weeks ago when you were looking for a match for your ML's. I have the ESL11A's and just received the Luxman L509X integrated that I was telling you about. Wow, I am totally smitten! My speakers never vanished so much with my ARC Ref3 and 75 combo. Can't stop spinning discs! Great match.