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Luxman L509Z introduced in Japan
I'm holding on to my 509X, never been happier.  
DAC Merry Go 'Round- why I stopped at Weiss
Sounds like you have a great setup. I have the Aurender n100h and Yiggy going into my L509X and ML 11As. I love he sound but am having problems with the streamer disconnecting and freezing up a lot. It needs to be restarted to unfreeze. I have bee... 
New Aurender Conductor Problems
Thanks, I just did that and am now ok, but yesterday I was able to switch without disconnecting, until I wasn't! Perplexing.  
Aurender n100h fuse removal
How do I access them? From the inside? I can't see them.  
Aurender n100h fuse removal
Much obliged for the fast reply Benzman.  
Atma-Sphere M60 monoblocks + ML ESL 11 = Inferior combo
My 11As sound far better with the Lux 509X than they did with ARC Ref 75/3 combo. Albert Sportis turned me on to this synergistic pairing after he told me of his extensive experience. Great guy.  
Aurender Conductor App
Ari Margolis from Aurender solved my problem, operator error. I'm not going to be real specific because I am so embarrased! Thanks for all the concern. Stay well, Joe  
Aurender Conductor App
Thanks for the kind replies, still have the problem. My n100h has been operating flawlessly since I've had it, maybe 6 months. I control it with an android phone. Now the IP address shows up as not valid. I've deleted and reinstalled the app numer... 
Aurender Conductor App
It won't let me get to the remote support request without connecting to the n100h first, which I cannot do. I did send 2 emails.  
Aurender Conductor App
One Rachmaninoff piano concerto (Mercury SR90300 60 years old next month) later no change. I'll have to wait for Aurender to get in touch, I realize it's a holiday weekend. I guess I'm stuck with vinyl till then, woe is Joe.   
Aurender Conductor App
Good excuse to spin some vinyl!  
Aurender Conductor App
Thanks for the kind replies. I will reboot again for a longer time and report.  
Aurender Conductor App
I rebooted several times and deleted and reinstalled the app. It says no connected device and won't accept the IP address, not valid. Xfinity assures me all is fine, rebooted the router. No response from Aurender yet. It was fine yesterday.  
Luxman 509X vs Mc452 + preamp
Just saw this post and I also have ML11As. I was running the ARC Ref75 and Ref3 and wasn't happy. Albert Sportis told me about the great synergy with the 509X so I traded. He was right, it's stunning. I'm in love.  
Streaming HD radio on Aurender
I have the N100H server/streamer that is connected to a Schiit Yggdrasil via a usb cable and have a Samsung android phone with the Aurender conductor app.