Can't get Arcam DV 139 to do multi-channel playback

Some of you may recall the problem I had with my Esoteric DV 60 losing its multi-channel playback ability after a power surge/spike, which happened twice. I've kept the DV 60 for CD and two channel SACD listening.

I recently bought the Arcam for multi-channel listening, but now, it too, has stopped playing multi-channel. While the Arcam sounds quite good, it's user interface/setup menu is the worst I've ever seen. I believe I've set something wrong, but I can't figure out what that is. I know my pre-pro, a Primare SP31, is working properly.

Anyone have experience with Arcam's DV 139 that might be able help me get it sorted out?

Thanks in advance, regards,
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good to see you. Were you able to get the Esoteric DV-60 repaired?

If so, whom performed the service?  Happy Listening!