Can't believe I let myself get sucked in again.

Good morning.
It has been over 10 years since I have actively participated in the forums.  Well I am back and bit hard.  I purchased 2 Bluesound Node2is and 1 Powernode2i on Saturday.  I have not done any critical listening in a very long time.  I am itching to get back into being an audiofool.  In a position to put a listening together again and I don't want to be patient but alas I must.  All in due time.  So feel free to welcome back this goner.
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Welcome back,

The Node 2i  is a great value for streaming and I think you'll like it.
I have used one for a little over a year and the convenience factor has increased the ratio of streaming and decreased my CD and vinyl time.
When/if the upgrade bug bites, you can get a higher quality external DAC and get to enjoy all your favorites sounding just a little bit better. 
When I  have time for serious, critical listening, the vinyl always gets spun. But much of the other time, streaming is great. It's all about enjoying one's music!