Can't believe I let myself get sucked in again.

Good morning.
It has been over 10 years since I have actively participated in the forums.  Well I am back and bit hard.  I purchased 2 Bluesound Node2is and 1 Powernode2i on Saturday.  I have not done any critical listening in a very long time.  I am itching to get back into being an audiofool.  In a position to put a listening together again and I don't want to be patient but alas I must.  All in due time.  So feel free to welcome back this goner.
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@ebm is concise, at least give him that.

Welcome back, @artizen65 !  You missed the end of the debates on analog vs digital and tube vs. solid state. Cheers,
@ebm  Good afternoon, loving the warm welcome.
@dill  Good afternoon, help is well over rated.

@twoleftears  I am all too used to it.  I went into this knowing full well what I was getting into.
@sbank  Tube DAC and then solid state.

Thank you all!!
Pretty sure it's "audiophool". But whatever. Welcome. I guess. So you're  starting on the bottom rung, digital. Any idea when you'll be climbing up to analog?
Oh we can help indeed. There is a Miller's thread going on regarding Hot Stampers, that's true audiophile discussion. The other two are about single driver speakers and cost no object phono stages.
And of course as always - how to find the very best amp, preferably for less than $50k or so.
Welcome back.
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@lowrider57  Lets see.
Living room now:
  • Bluesound Node 2i (Was a Sonos Connect)
  • Cambridge Receiver Topaz SR20
  • Paradgim Speakers 7se Mk. II
  • Bluesound Powernode 2i (Was a Sonos ZP90)
  • PSB Speakers Image B5
Currently unused:
  • NAD CD Receiver C715
In for service:  (Will hopefully be the beginning of a decent system)
  • Musical Fidelity TriVista DAC (Right channel out)
  • Musical Fidelity A308 integrated (Scratchy volume knob)
ListenUp has shipped them out to the authorized repair facility in California Hopes are high that the issues can be taken care of.  I do have a spare set of new tubes for the TriVista if need be.

So all I need is a decent set of speakers for the main rig.  As for buying new.  Budget is still small so we see what happens with the MF first.
Try the AVS forum if your not getting enough abuse here.

Welcome to the Layer Cake, son....
@millercarbon Pretty sure it’s "audiophool". But whatever. Welcome. I guess. So you’re starting on the bottom rung, digital. Any idea when you’ll be climbing up to analog?

Not any time soon. I gave the vinyl collection to a friend that loved music about 11 years ago. He was spinning and preferred it. Young kid just starting out on his own.
Lets face it.  An individual has to have a severe lack of curiosity about the universe of music, available from every time period and genre, as well as the internet radio stations from around the world, to not invest the comparatively modest dollars in streaming equipment.

The entertainment factor is off the charts.  

Artizen65, welcome back.  If you've been gone for a while, you may have missed the fuse threads?
Welcome. I use both analog and digital. The BluOs had such amazing sound with Hi-Res files. Which service do you stream? I found that Qobuz offers the best qualify and Hi-Res selection. 
You mentioned ListenUp, which likely places you in either NM or CO I expect, greetings from yet another Rocky-Mountain-based long-time lurker and seldom post-r. Lets hope RMAF happens this year!
Don't beat yourself up, love the system or systems you have. I have 4 Node 2i's, 1 power node 2i and 1 Vault 2i. 4 different amps and 4 different pairs of speakers. I spend days mixing it all up . Gotta have something to do on frigid days in the Rocky Mountains.
There's something about addictions.....;)

The trick about falling off the wagon is to avoid the wheels....or the heels...*smirk*

Your gear sounds familiar... I have, among other things, a:

A Bluesound Node 2i, 
A Bluesound Powernode 2i 

A Bluesound Mini 2i 

And a happy wife!Who doesn't mind my cave gear, ranging from vintage Marantz and IMF to modern Parasound and KEF. It's all good...listen and enjoy!

Welcome back,

The Node 2i  is a great value for streaming and I think you'll like it.
I have used one for a little over a year and the convenience factor has increased the ratio of streaming and decreased my CD and vinyl time.
When/if the upgrade bug bites, you can get a higher quality external DAC and get to enjoy all your favorites sounding just a little bit better. 
When I  have time for serious, critical listening, the vinyl always gets spun. But much of the other time, streaming is great. It's all about enjoying one's music!
Well I can tell you that the Node 2i has a good streaming interface,  but would recommend using an external DAC with ESS9038 chipset using a high quality digital coax cable.  

Pretty new here myself.  So you'll be shopping for speakers soon... have you met kenjit yet?
Then there is bipolar vs mosfet... that’s always good. The Node is great to explore world music. I’m all over vinyl, but it really is limiting in the exploratory realm... I don’t buy vinyl on a whim. I do stream on a whim and then find stuff to buy on vinyl!
Wait till you get sucked into endless money pit...however worth it.
Don't blame yourself, we all go through this.  With the virus and lousy weather here in Pa. , I just spent another $2500 on audio tweaks and another $6500 on two Stressless chairs.  It's only money. Enjoy.
To this day is still bothers me with the riff from the analog only crowd. Yes albums have a sweet sound and tubes can bring a system to life. I have both and also still enjoy my Nakamichi cassette deck not only for music that does not exist anywhere else, and it does sound good. Streaming is a huge convenience to not have to get up and flip the album over every 25 minutes. Now my point I don’t care what you have how much you havespent or could spend at the end of the day is it not just to get away from all the bullshit going on in this backass world and enjoy the music any way you can!!! My kids listen to music through their iPhones. It drives me crazy but in the end they are enjoying the music and that is what matters.
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Thank you all for the warm welcome.  LOL!!

I have physical therapy at 10:00 so I will respond to all of you after it is over.
Welcome artizen.... This picture of yourself is way better than mine..... 😊
Welcome back just joking hope you get a great system and have many years of enjoyment.Stay well!!
Welcome back. I've only been here a few months and have only been moderately abused. We will be happy to send you down endless rabbitholes and help you unwisely spend your money. 
    First, make sure all your components require pricey, old stock vintage tubes...
First, make sure all your components require pricey, old stock vintage tubes...
I have a MF TriVista DAC that takes Raytheon mill spec miniature tubes.  As for the rest of the gear SS.  Love the DAC.
@sgreg1  Vinyl is over rated as it is also a compressed format.  I vote for clocking DACs and the sky is the limit.
Welcome back! Ten years is a lifetime in audiophile terms. We're still squabbling and trading barbs and accusations and occasional good advice. 
@akgwizz I have not. I am saving my pennies. I have a pair of AvantGarde in my sites. Maybe after I win the lotto.