Can someone educate me on headphones and an experience of mine?

I owned some Audio Tecknica electret condesnser models that I loved and have not had any since that I liked as much.  Perhaps I am just an old fart living in the past...but I feel the same about the three panel Magnepans I had....Perhaps I just need to take a ride in my old Stingray and pop in a few 8 tracks.??


Headphone systems are just like high end two channel audio systems. They get better with careful investment at greater levels… quieter background, greater detail, more natural sound and there are different tracks to end points, like highly detailed, great slam / bass or really musical.

If you really like what you have, enjoy it.

Some of us have pursued the apex of what is possible and enjoy that. I have been working on my current headphone system for about twenty years, learning and cautiously investing and upgrading. You can see my headphone system under my user ID. It sound spectacular, warm, natural, and musical. I’d put it up against most… and in some folks eyes (ears) it would blow them away… perhaps others wold say one could get more details. I listen every day during the winter and they give me great pleasure… and at 1/10th the cost of my main system.

But if you like what you got… just use it.


There is a set of HiFiMan Arya V2 planar magnetics for sale here on Agon for $932. Add a Musician Audio headphone amp ($450/Agon) and you will have a superb sounding system!