Can Simaudio w-3 adequately drive any Dynaudio?

If so, what is your recommendation? New or used are being considered.
I don't know if it will be adequate with any Dynaudio, but I can say it will be more than adequate with the 1.4 model.
The W-3 is a very robust amplifier. I used it with the 1.4
for a short time before changing to a floorstanding speaker. Though many Dynaudio speakers are of somewhat low sensitivity ratings(mid 80's), they are also often rated at 4 or 6 ohms which plays into the W-3's capabilities as a very stable amp. Even though it is rated at 125wpc, Simaudio generally offers very conservative power ratings.
This amp will have no trouble driving a speaker in the mid 80's for sensativity and rated with a 4 or 6 ohm load.
my i3 drove 1.3se perfectly.No problems
thanks for the input!
anyone know about driving the contour 3.0?