Can’s Holger Czukay Dead at 79

The second death for that band this year. I put CAN right up there with the best. Very creative music. Ege Bamyasi has been in heavy rotation on my system for years, as has Future Days. 
Complete agreement Boxer. Very sorry to hear this. Been listening to CAN since the early 70's, first on a Chicago underground station "Triad". Those were also my first 2 purchases, though now I've got 24 LP's and a couple CD's. From what I've read, CAN could not have existed without his direction. I've only heard/found a small amount of his solo/other material and so far I've been sadly unimpressed. Could you suggest anything else in his catalogue that you find particularly delightful? I realize due his creativity this is highly subjective but I'm sure he's got to have a few other good LP's out there. I prefer the classic LP's with top favorites of; Ege Bamyasi, Future Days, Tago Mago, Soundtracks, Monster Movie and The Lost Tapes, in that order.
  Any incites would be appreciated at this sad time. Thank you,  arte
Hey Arte,
Landed, Saw Delight, & Flow Motion. All three of them are also good. Flow Motion is a little odd (even for them), but still solid IMO. Of them I think the only one that is currently pressed is Saw Delight. 
All fine albums with Soon over Babaluma. Probably the wrong forum but I was more curious about any of his work outside CAN that you might be familiar with. While there are several lame CAN bootlegs out there, and their later work is obviously more commercialized than their first releases, when they were peaking around the time of  Ege Bamyasi, Tago Mago and/or Future Days, as you said they were "up there with the best". I find the Krautrock genre very enjoyable and at times quite fun to listen to. Though, saying that I must add, some of it I do not get at all.
Can't really help you there. I bought one many years ago (not even sure what it was) & it was pretty boring. Never looked for any more. 
Thanks Boxer. If interested, you might try Tago Mago if you get a chance. Disc 1 is some of CAN's very best work. Disc 2 is all over the place, but that is CAN.
Thanks for your time. Rock on,   art
Are the "Lost Tapes" recorded well? I agree with you completely on Tago Mago. 
Yes. The 5 LP's are all as well produced as any of there first LP's. From my understanding/readings these LP's were the best of like 100s of hours of stuff Holgar produced/edited/engineered while recording at Schlob Norvenich (their early "castle studio"). The Lost Tapes are just that and now that they're price has dropped significantly it is a fine addition. Obviously not their Prime Grade A studio releases of the early '70's but all recorded in the same general time frame. Very good stuff, very well recorded.
OK; I just reread The Lost Tapes's rather large booklet and need to add it's a collection of material recorded between 1968 and 1975. The actual recordings range from a 36 second snippet to 16+ minutes of Spoon, live.
Obviously it has been too long, so I've got my next 5 LP's picked out now.   ;))    Thx Boxer!
P.S. It was 50 hours of "...tapes weren't really lost, but were left in the cupboards of the studio archives for so long everybody just forgot about them. Everybody except Hildegard....". This excerpt is from the liner notes by Irmin Schmidt, her husband. Good story.
  Also, sorry about earlier advice. I checked Discogs and the vinyl prices gone thru the roof. Maybe some other medium/medias would work.
Wow, thanks for the thread guys, I have never heard of Can but I will now. Much to explore here.
falconquest / You are welcome. 
arte801d / Much much thanks! It's now on my want list.