Can I use TV/Cable Coxial cable as Digital Coxial?

Can I use TV/Cable Coxial cable as Digital Coxial Audio cable? I know the quality will not be very good. But I can not found 50 ft Digital Coxial Audio in my local store, so for temporary use, can I use TV/Cable Coxial cable instead?( I will buy a RCA adoptor)


I would recommend getting a true coax made for digital since they usually have a silver conductor for speed. Most TV coax is a copper core and will be somewhat slower and with a length of 50 feet you will undoubtedly experience clocking issues. You might try and see what they will charge to have one made for you. Also you can use a generic audiocable with some silver in the core. Most audio stores carry bulk cable for video and video cable makes an excellant digital cable. You might try Rick at, he carrys the audioquest cinema in bulk and will be happy to cut, terminate and send you a custom made cable that will work.
I've tried using video coax cables as digital cables in the past. They are definitely doable but sounds thin than digital and regular analog RCAs. My conclusion is coax cables are generally constructed very poorly compared to analog and digital cables. I got a LOT better picture using an Illuminations D-60 as video cable than using top of the line Monster video crap.