Can DVDs be copied to Videotapes?

I have had the opportunity to make a copy of a DVD to tape before, but with newer DVDs, it seems as if this is banned. Do the DVDs use some sort of copy protection? I doubt that is digital, for I usually copy via RCAs. Has anyone had an experience with this? Please let me know how you found a way of getting around it. Send email or post! Thanks!
The way to get a VHS copy of a movie is the legal way. Buy it in a store.
Actually their is a way, albeit illegal, like software piracy. A low end Chinese DVD player, the Apex AD600A (sold @ Cicuit City-newer ones don't have this though!) has a 'secret' loophole menu on it that was intended only for service techs etc but the code to enter it is available on the net. By entering this secret menu you can shut off thics copy protection and thereby could copy DVD's to VHS tapes. THIS WOULD VIOLATE COPYRIGHT LAWS though! That said they are almost always available on Ebay for ~$300 and I've even seen one or two on Audiogon for sale. The real question is why bother?? DVD's have far better picture quality and once on a video tape, there's no AC-3! You'd do just as well recording it off you're digital cable or DSS!
you can do it but you need at least two copyguard eliminaters and the picture will still pulse, they are cheap enough to buy so why bother (also the picture and sound quality is better)
Regarding legality: Am I wrong or isn't it legal to copy software you purchase (as opposed to obtaining from Blockbuster, etc.) for personal use? If it isn't then Congress should repeal the Entertainment industry imposed tax on blank tape you pay every time you buy it.
I once knew someone that had a 1985 vintage top of the line Panasonic VCR that could make copies of copy guarded equipment. If was like a mini video studio. Do not remember the model number.
I have never had a problem copying DVDs with my Panasonic VHS recorder. I only have one DVD player, so Iuse VHS in other rooms.
The protection scheme used to prevent analog copies of DVD Video material is known as MacroVision. The protection is applied by the DVD player if invoked by the disc (a choice in the authoring step). All compliant players are required to support this scheme. It is possible that some VCRs may ignore the protection to some degree. Kevin Halverson