Can anyone suggest a good universal headshell?

Any guidance would be appreciated. I need some suggestions on a good aftermarket universal headshell, new, or used. I don't have the budget for an Orsonics, which would be my first choice. Table will be a Micro Seiki MR-711 and arm will be Micro MA-202L. Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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I have an Audioquest headshell which is the same as the Orsonic. Keep an eye out for one ... there might be a seller unaware of the gouging high price of the O.
Sorry, but I will not sell mine.
Since I have a Technics SL-1200 my headshell is their stock one, which is lightweight and rigid magnesium (not heavy pot metal like the Stanton) with gold plated pins. What is the Orsonic and what are its distinguishing features that make it so desirable? The one thing I find inconvenient about the Technics is that its upper surface indentations for the cartridge screw heads are slightly too narrow for some, even though the slots themselves are wide enough.
Sumiko ... it permits azimuth adjustment which is NOT a trivial advantage.

Thom @ Galibier
Sumiko used to sell some really rigid headshells with az adjust. Look out for some. Also Sumiko used to sell really good ofc cartridge wires (same as the old Fulton). These will upgrade almost any headshell.
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You can find the Sumiko HS-12 at Acoustic Sounds, Music Direct and Needle Doctor for $40. I would buy from Acoustic Sounds because they do a great job stocking all that delicious new vinyl.
I took a look at the Sumiko on the Web. The screw slots aren't intented on top, which I like. Too bad it lacks an integral finger-lift, is there a screw-down type that can be added onto the flat top?
Viridian, wow, a wide variety of cartridges. The Audioquest-branded Orsonic is *excellent* and might be cheaper compared to the straight Orsonic. You could try the Audio-Technica 'Technihard' series, available from Audiocubes in a few different weights. Unfortunately not universal - you will probably want to match headshell weight to cartridge weight. On the other hand, they're not super-expensive.

With the Ikeda arm, I've found the Ikeda 1S/1R headshell excellent. It allows very little twisting though and many cartridges are too long to set overhang properly. juki has 'em. So does JAT.
I have an Audioquest headshell, but I need longer screws to mount a Denon DL-103r. Does any one know what thread size they use? None of the miscellaneous mounting hardware I have lying around seems to fit.
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