Can a small amount of bleach hurt your records?

I have been using L'Art du Son record cleaner and noticed that a whitish gray bacteria or some kind of growth has developed in my container. I was told that a few drops of bleach might control the problem but could it damage a record?
You might get other responses to the contrary, but i have used bleach (weak bleach solution) to clean moldy records when I have purchased some that had been kept in a moist area. The weak bleach solution ( one ounce in a quart of water) will remove the mold. It will not hurt the vinyl. Swimming pools that use vinyl liners are routinely treated with bleach solutions during cleaning. I use the bleach solution as a part of a cleaning regiment when i have moldy records than i have purchased. I start with routine cleaning with soap solution, then use the weak bleach, the followup with a steaming then rinse.
waler audio has a 4 step solution that uses fresh enzymes (mix a batch for the days cleaning) to clean - very effective

bleach - I'd be afraid to test
use an old thrift store record to try
I have tried Chlorine dissolved (bleach), actually to prevent algae from growing in my waste container of my Hannl Mera.
No problem, algae dead, records are fine.
Just don't put too much 1 ounce/quart sound fine to me.
A few drops won't hurt, but if your solution is growing things those dead carcasses are going to wind up on your LPs. If it were me, I'd dump the old stuff and get a fresh batch. Keep it cool and in the dark to prevent future regrowth.
What Dan_Ed said, and more.

Why use a "cleaning" solution that promotes the growth of the very stuff you're trying to remove from the LP? Bug food for removing bugs? No such reports regarding the current generation fluids from AIVS, MoFI or Walker have ever surfaced, as far as I know.
I experienced exactly the same thing using L'Art du Son with grey algae settling and growing at the bottom of the solution.
I steam clean now and certainly wouldn't use L'Art du Son again.

That's a real nice set up you have.Ever thought of steam cleaning with a couple drops of L'Art du Son? Which steam Cleaner do you use?
Thanks for the compliment.
I'm in Sydney and bought a SteaMatey from Godfreys which cost AU$30 (US$20). From the photos I've seen, it seems to be nearly identical to the Perfection Cleaner from Walmart?
I agree with Doug (again)......why use a cleaner that fosters the impurities you are trying to remove?
I find steam followed by a distilled water rinse to work better than any cleaning fluids I have tried.

Steam sounds good to me, I wonder however if it would be safe to use while the record is on my VPI 16.5 record cleaner?

there are a couple of loooong threads on steaming and rcms.. No issues. I'm, steaming and sucking it all up with a vpi 17. Works for me!
Fyi, i'm using the Mintlp solution. Works a treat! Yes the very same mint as in mint tractor. yip is a multi talented guy!
I use the steam while the disc is on my Raven/Hannl RCM.
Vacuum up the water after the steam as well as the water rinse.
As mentioned....there are oodles of threads on steam cleaning. Use the search function.