Can a new DAC make a 6 disc changer sound better?

I have an Integra 6 disc changer that I use when I want background music or want to listen to more than one disc at random. I have the digital out running to the DACs in my Integra reciever that I use as my preamp. Are there any external DACs out there that would make this setup sound better or is it a waste of money. I don't understand why the transport would make that much of a difference compared to the DAC. I use a Philips 963 SA when I am doing more serious listening. Would a different CD changer be a better choice than buying a DAC?
Running the changer thru something like a Benchmark DAC would certainly net an improvement. But keep in mind, this is not going to be a "night and day" type of improvement. It will be subtle, but definitely "hearable". Is it worth the expense (~ $900)? That's up to you, your ears, and pocketbook...
Unless you are doing some processing in the receiver that necessitates the digital connection, you might try running the analog outs of the CD changer into your receiver. That might give you a change you prefer.
I found that a good DAC (Classe' Dac-1) plus a Monarchy DIP improved an already good (CAL CL-10) changer.
In one system I have a Sony ES changer feed a Meridian DAC and in another I have an Adcom changer feed an Audio Research DAC.

Bought both used, $400 and $300 - well worth the money.

If you bought a used one for a fair price you could always get your money back reselling if you decided the improvement was not enough or non existent.