Can a new brand of power tube even duplicate what this pair of RCA's are putting out?

Having a difficult time finding a brand of tubes to match the wonderful low end tone this old pair of el 84's produce.   I actually pulled these old tubes out of a post ww2 era hammond organ, it was in my garage for 20 yrs.. I still cant get over the low end these old dusty RCA's are throwing out . I purchased two pairs of new tubes TAD EL84-STR  and The JJ's. Both didn't  even come close  

Was surprised about the TAD, they were suppose to have significant low freq. but compared to the RCA hey were a disappointment

 Any one have any insight on why this is, also any worthy brand suggestions to try?


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Yes check out brent jesse recording, 
Or Vintage tube services. They may have some WW2 tubes.
Or early 50s.