Camlet Lancelot Vs MS Phonomena

Hi there,
I have trawled the archives without joy.
Has anyone compared these two phono stages.
I want to try a battery powered stage and the only thing that worries me is the Phonomena sometimes suffers from 'hum' problems, or so I've read.

I use a variety of mainly mc cartridges & a couple of mm.
If you are talking MC carts, then, here it was an easy choice. The Camelot has more detail, yet has a much more musical presentation, much better defined soundstage - larger (width,depth,hieght..)with a tube like "air". More meat on the bones as well. Check out Fremer's Stereophile review. I heard it the same as he.

The Phonomena comes off flat in presentaion (card board like players in the stage). The Phonomena is easy to use. The Phonomena was almost equal to the MM section of the Camelot - as the MC section on the Camelot is light years better than the MM section. Even with all the capacitance options on the Camelot used properly - the MC section just sounds MUCH better. Stick with MC carts with .5mV or higher even at 55dB gain setting. The Camelot is quiet enough to use .2mV carts, but you will lose dynamics and impact.

Add a few Quality Roderstien and/or Vishay resistors and you will up the anty on the Camelot BIGTIME. I ended up with Roderstiens in the gain stage, and Vishays in the impedence circuit. But Roderstiens could be used in both areas. More detail, yet more relaxed. Just more of everything. Power cord used, as well as isolation for both the Power supply and main unit are important. Cones, ball bearings, see what works for you; try as many as possible. I have my eyes on $3G+ phono stages, but the Camelot does so much so well, that I have had a hard time trying to manufacture "upgraditis".
Cheers Monk,
for a very detailed reply. I was intending to use a zxy which is possibly a bit low output but this is just a stop gap.
Does the power supply need powered all the time - I am in the uk & was hoping just to use a transformer (240-120V)to charge the battery?
Rgds Simon
I would contact Camelot Tech about that one. I don't know what the recharge time is - or what the actual battery time is either, as my 3-4 year old battery is still lasting well over 10 hours a charge. I have never had to stop a long listening session for the battery to recharge. They might have a 240V battery (Dc) power supply? Just swap out the Lancelot 120V power supply boxes or have it modded at the factory to 240V. Should be a quick turnaround time wise. They can provide other resistor values as well, to maybe increase the gain to 60dB for that ZYX also.
Hi Monk,
Sourced a Lancelot plus Charm so will let you know how it fares. The guy already has a resistor for a low output mc installed which Camelot supplied - will listen awhile before trying your suggested mods.
Thanks again Simon