CAL Alpha burned down:what's next upgrade?

My 11 year old Alpha said goodbuy recently with smoke and glowing red resistors.What should be my next upgrade if i really liked Alpha's sound?I am looking for something that accepts both coax and balanced cables (don't care what it outputs though)with used market price under 2k and similar sound .How about those CJ converters,any good?Thanks in advance.
The only digital player I found that I could live with after owning a CAL (in my case a Tercet Mk IV) was a Cary (in my case, a 303/200). Check 'm out.
I don't know the Alpha, but I owned a CAL CL-25, & a CL-15. I now own a Cary 303/200; really nice sounding CDP, & it looks great too.
I have had luck buying CAL equipment on eBay for very good prices. So far, an Alpha DAC (for main system) and 2 Sigma IIs (for bedroom and TV room systems), as well as a multi-disk CL-15. They show up on this site too every so often. Good luck.
I emailed RX8man who used to own the CAL Alpha DAC and used it with a CEC TL-2X transport. I sent him my Audio Logic 34 DAC and he sold the Alpha the next day and bought another 34 DAC here on Agon at that time. The used Alpha DACs are around $400 and the Audio Logic 34s about $1000 used but he felt the upgrade was well worth it.

He will post soon or email him directly.

Happy Listening.
Yeah, here I am Bigkidz !
Okay, down to business: The Alpha was a fine DAC, still is, wouldn't hesitate recommending it to anyone, with NOS tubes and a good P/C, hard to beat at the price.
As far as the Audio Logic: Same tonality, much greater everything else, esp. soundstage size, separation, openess and detail.
With NOS tubes and good P/C, put it up against anything.
(I'll be firing up my rig tonight, FINALLY, after the move !)