cables for von schweikert vr4 speakers

i am looking for suggestions for speaker cables for vr4 gen3 hse speakers.I am currently using a 10' bwired pair of audioquest granite.These speakers have two seperate modules with a distance of about 36' between connectors. So a conventional set of used biwire cables poses some problems. my budget is 800 to a grand. aux gear:sota star sapphire t/t,ear834p,sony scd777es and dk design integrated amp.listen to mostly jazz, female vocals and alternative. Love a warm detailed presentationwith a clear soundstage.would 4 seperate runs be feasible and if so how best to accomplish this? as always thanks
I had VR4 GenIII's & ran them with both a true bi-wire set & a jumper made out of the same cable as the single run. There was no appreciable difference.

There was a huge difference when bi-amping/bi-wiring.
Analysis plus solo crystal is highly recommended with the V/R speakers, analysis plus will deliver full body sound, with an awesome mid-range, after trying many many cables, from XLO,to cardas G/R, on my V/R vr4Sr, the analysis plus solo crystal was a revelation, great bass and midrange,soundstage not as wide as the Xlo, but an overall better sound: