Cables for Nautilus 802s

I have a Bryston 4BST amp and BP 25 preamp. I am currently using Zu Wax biwire cables with my B & W 802s. I am looking to get a little more detail at low volume. Any ideas about cables out there I should try?
Having had experience with those speakers and discovered them to be quite finicky. However, I'd suggest Cardas Golden Reference they will be reasonably detailed w/ out being overly analytical, as the 802s can sound.

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I have used Cardas GR bi-wire speaker cables with Krell/N802's in the past with good results.
Those tweeters need a fast and smooth cable. I recommend the Epsilon References. These compare to my Valhallas at one-fifth the price!
I would recommend MIT New Generation Magnum 2 Bi-wires
I'd recommend Cardas Neutral Reference bi-wires coupled with Cardas Golden Reference ICs. A wonderful combination with B&W, IMHO.