cables for Krell KAV300i

Does anyone have any suggestions for cables and interconnects that will help to smooth out the aggressive highs on my Krell KAV300i? Are aggressive highs just the sonic signature of this integrated? Would the Plinius 8150 be better? My system consists of the Krell, a Rega Planet CD player, B&W 602's, Kimber Hero interconnects and Kimber 4tc cables.
Either the Alpha Core Goertz, the inexpensive copper models, or something from Wireworld would work pretty well. The Plinius inegrated is pretty good. I'd say it is a little more forgiving than the Krell. If you can tame the Krell a bit, you may as well continue to use it
I would suggest you use the TARA Labs Reference interconnects, which allow for wonderful detail and musicality but manage to tame components that tend to be aggressive or fatiguing. Also they are a bargain at less than $200 for a 1m pair.
MIT 2,if applicable bi-wired,speaker cables. Friend of mine had the same problem, he tried about 5-6 HQ names.MIT worked best.
I know it's been a couple of months but here goes anyway; DUMP THE KRELL! The Pilinius is a much smoother & more musical amplifier. I never understood people's infatuation with the Krell sound. In the past I had owned a couple of top of the line Krells to run my inefficient speakers. Both times I had to get rid of them, quickly and at a big loss. I currently own the Pilinius and I find it an extremely musical amp for a solid state product. Mark Levinson is coming out with a new integrated which should sound awesome. For ultimate musicality you should look at integrated tube amplifiers. Solid state might have the edge at bottom end in this price category but will never touch the ultimate musicality & tonal correctness of tubes. If changing the amp is not an option you should try cables from Bear Labs, or Harmonic Technology. Both have beautiful sweet extended highs without any roll off or loss of detail. They are both very reasonably priced. They both eliminate a lot of the nasties with their musical sound. But in the end you will have a hard time getting away from the Krell sound. Good luck!
I'd recommend you try out the DH labs BL-1 interconnects and T-14 speaker cable. I'm using this setup with my 300i feeding a pair of B&W 802 S3's.
I have a Krell 300i, B&W 602's and currently a Cal Audio Lab CL 20 DVD/CD player. It sounds pretty great with NBS stinger interconnects, and MIT terminator speaker cable. I have used a Rega Planet with the Krell and B&W and thought is was a little bright compared to my current CD player, but overall pretty good. My B&W's sit directly on the floor in a fairly large room.
DON'T "DUMP THE KRELL"!!! (And kick the ass of any old deaf geezer who says you should!) I have a KAV-250a, and MIT 330 Shotgun interconnect, and AudioTruth Dragon+ speaker cable, work best with it. YOU DO NEED TO RELEGATE THE STOCK POWER CORD TO THE SHIPPING CARTON, AND GET A BETTER ONE, with some filtering in it. DO THESE THINGS, AND BE IN AWE OF YOUR SYSTEM!!!
These people who talk bad about Krell have a screw loose! I use Cardas Neutral Reference with my Krell stuff. Venturing into the realm of silver will create more highs a colder sound and more fatigue. Carl seems pretty hot for his MIT's... but they've always seemed a little veiled to me. Hey Carl, what type of Power Cord do you suggest?
Keep the Krell! I'm currently running my FPB200, KRC3, Resolution Audio cd55, with Tara Labs Decade (balanced),
interconnect, along with Tara Master generation (biwired)
speaker cables, and it sounds sweeeeet...