cd player for Krell KAV300i and Sonus Faber

I'm looking for a cd player to complete my Krell KAV300i amp and Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor speakers.
I'm thinking of a Classe (CDP10 or CDP3 ???) a Meridian (508, G08 ???) or a Krell (KAV280 or SACD???) or anything else ?

Can anyone give me some hints on what to start looking for or where I can find reviews/compares ?
Try a Jolida JD1000 I find the unit a real bargan at $900 new or $550-700 used. I use one with the SF's I own.
A Linn Karik, for an older option or Ikemi really work great with that combination. The slightly laid back presentation of the Linns seemed a nice balance with the more forward Krell.