i own a pair of apogee divas and am looking for some wires that will make them sing any suggestions?
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Jason Bloom, who designed the Apogees, always recommended the SYMO cables. You might be able to find a pair used. They do show up on Audiogon from time to time.

When I had my Apogee Stages, the SYMO cable was the best that I tried on them.

Here is a link to a Stereophile article about the cable with Apogee speakers:
I used Siltech F 12 silver ribbon with my Duetta Sigs. One is down right now, when I get it working I am going to use Cardas Golden Reference.
I had a pair of Apogees and used Audio Magic Sorceror level cabling throughout. I was very pleased with the performance particularly at it's price point. I compared the Audio Magic interconnects to those from DakiOm and was amazed at how inferior the DakiOm product(s) sounded. I have likewise incorporated Audio Magic products at higher price points as well and feel that they deserve an audition from anyone seeking for the ultimate in speed without harshness in any high performance system.
I owned a Calipher signature until I sold it about few weeks ago I been listening Apogee speakers since the 90's.
SYMO speaker cable was the cable for apogee but you cannot find it anymore but, The good news is you can tweek your diva which I did with my calipher. I audition a lot of speaker cable I mean a lot!! try using the wireworld eclipse 5 speaker cable for your mid and high and use the PS audio xtream bi-wire for your lows and tell me if you hear the difference. I did enjoyed it for years believe me you will save a lot of money by changing speaker cables if you see the cables I mentioned you know what I'm talking about. May I ask what amp are you using for your diva? if you have any questiongs e-mail me you are more than welcome.