Cable suggestions for my system

I have Pass Labs x350.5 and Talon Firebird Diamonds I am looking for cable suggestions.
Eugene2, I use a Pass Labs X-350.5, in a bi-amped arrangement, to power Magnapan MG-20r's and after auditioning at least five highly rated IC's and speaker wire finally chose Acoustic Zen's new reference called the Absolute. I wrote a review here on the GON that you might find helpful, but like everything else in high end audio personnal taste and system synergy mandates you do a home audition to find out if it works for you in your system. By the way, the 350.5 is a wonderful sounding amp, hope you enjoy your's as much as I have enjoyed having mine in my system for the last year.
Thanks for the suggestion I will take a look at them. The x350.5 is great amp, I also utillize the great x0.2 for the manuf synergy.
I have the Firebirds driven by an X350.5 and I recently switched from Tara Air 2 to Virtual Dynamics Master Bi-wire....AMAZING difference! I'd been frustrated by an upper mid hardness that didn't make any sense but the new cables cured it. I would never have suspected that a cable upgrade could make such a difference. I heartily recommend VD Master Bi-wires with your equipment! The VDs are somewhat of a pain to install but well worth it. Tara just didn't do it in my environment and I'm in the precess of replacing my Tara THE One I/Cs with VD Masters.

BTW, I moved the Air 2 cables to my downstairs system and they imparted an irritating edge to what had been a very warm and musical system...not good.