Cable recomendations for VTL/Spendor

I am interested in putting new ICs, speaker cable and power cords into my system. I currently have a Rega Planet, VTL TL 2.5 pre., VTL TT-25 amps, Vandersteen 1C speakers and a VanEvers Super Companion power strip. I am currently using DH Labs T-14, BL1, and the stock power cords on the VTL gear. I plan to soon replace my speakers with either the Spendor S3/5 or the SP3/1P to be later followed by a Sub 3. I enjoy a somewhat warm and laid back sound but I do not wish to stray too far from neutral. When I have gotten the speakers and wire sorted out, my last step will be to tweak the sound by rolling the tubes in both units. I would really appreciate any recomendations as to wire, as a starting point for my search, that would bring out the best in the VTL gear,that would match well with the Spendor's sound, and that would be appropriate in price to go with the rest of my kit. Thanks.
One of the nicest set-ups with VTL and Spendor(and this is a nice set-up) was using Van den Hul ultimate interconnect. I heard it here in Atlanta at Jim Keene's Audio Essence - I don't mind giving a plug when it's well deserved. I felt this was definitly a BEST BUY cable , "tonally correct", although "Van" does have more expensve ones. Sure enough, you don't see any for sale. Have a listen. Regards,
The LAT International power cords work well with the VTL equipment. I own the TT-25s and they benefitted well from these PCs. I run Analysis Plus Oval 9s speaker cables and find them sweet.

The Spendors are a great selection. Remind me of my Rogers LS 3/5As. The LAT International ICs are also very good and should be considered regardless of their inexpensive price.

I like the Planet, but believe it could sound much better with a DAC. Overall, great system.