Cable Elevators - What do you use?

In the search for cable elevators I have found a wide variety of opinions, not only on what constitutes a scientifically smart elevator, but also, those who think it is all snake oil.

I use inverted yogurt cups spray painted flat black for maximum WAF on the speaker cables - should I be using them on power cables as well?

What do you use, or . . . .why not?
I use Shunyata Dark Field elevators, mostly to get off carpet to help keep static down as my system is subject to it in the basement. Also, I've heard it don't matter what you use to get these cables, (all cables), off the floor but I think it just makes sense for it to be made of something that don't resonate vibrations. I think that is half of why you want a cable off the floor so for me a cup of some sort will vibrate some and I just wonder if that would affect the sound. I have no testing or scientific reason for this thought but just me old common sense brain at work and maybe me justifying my cable elevators in my mind a bit to. Yes I think it improves the sound to get them off the floor but its been so long since I added them I can't remember what it did. It did get rid of my static problem.
Just for kicks, I bought 10 pieces of 2" thick acrylic, size 3x4 from I used them to lift ALL cables and cords 3" off the carpet thinking "okay? let's see what you got, and what the heck ppl 've been talking about?"
It sweeped me off the floor! I freezed up when I first heard the first music notes, they sounded much cleaner; VERY clean without harshness at all. I went back & forth to assure it was not my imagination.
My conclusion is yes, get them cables and cords off the floor using acrylic blocks do make sound CLEANER.It's a great tweek to reach for the high-end and the hi-fi sound. But fellas that like warmth, musicality, and romantic sounds must look-out, I suggest using softer material like wooden blocks or foams (may have small dielitric).
Puerto...I only use Great Value Yogurt cups (Walmart) as they are just as effective as Yoplait and give them my highest recommendation ;)
I'm not sure they make any difference or not, but since I elevated them, I do notice I don't run over my cables with the vacuum anymore.
I use Hifi Pyon Mythology cable elevators secifically for my full Synergistic Research Active Tesla interconects, speaker wire, power cords and S.R QLS 9 power strip. They raise everything up about 6-6.5 inches away from any static or interferences. Awesome looking too & great build quality..

Regards Bacardi