Cable Distances

Due to room layout my speakers will be about 30' from my equipment rack. My question is; should I run 30' of speaker cable or is it better to invest in small monoblocks placed behind speakers and run 30' of interconnect cable from a preamp.I only have the speakers for this system ( Apogee Centaur Minors) so amplifier selection is varible.
It is better to run 30' interconnect with short speaker cable than the other way around.
If you decide to use speaker cable in the long run, make sure it is as nuetral as you can find. I personnally dis-agree with running the interconnect over that long of a run as it may introduce interference to the amps. I am not debating with Sidssp so please no arguments. But this is MY opinion based upon My experience.
I should have explained the reasons behind my suggestion. Please forgive my ignorance. If Pauljs was running a Coincident I would have agreed with you. But he is using an Apogee. Although the Centaur Minor is not a full-range ribbon but it is not an easy load either. I think the interactions between the Appogee and amp over a long cable will be greater than a long interconnect.
I have a similar layout and run 30' Coincident CST 1 speaker cable and shorter IC's...any issues I've had to deal with have not been speaker cable related...if I ever get monos or a different room with different layout possibilities, that could change
Pardon my ignorance, but I was also wondering a similar question. For me it has to be speaker cable, although somewhat shorter, but I was wondering on what the effect might be and how different cables can help.