what are the distances for setting up monitors?

Of course this is all approx. But are speakers set up in a equal-lateral triangle, or is the distnace from listener to speaker greater, if my speakers are 7 feet apart, should i be 7 feet from the middle of the speakers, or 7 feet to each speaker on an angle?
Speakers differ - so will the differences. Set them up so they sound best to you in your room. I set mine up on a 10 to 11 ratio measured from the speakers.
Primers there will get you up to speed.

Sorry, see my prior post lost something in tranaslation:

Go to cardas.com & rives.com Their websites have primers on room acoustics & speaker setup that will help you.

of course this is all room dependent, but I go with an equilateral triangle (that would be, in your case 7 feet speaker to speaker and listener to speaker-i) to start, and then move my chair back a little at a time until I have perfection. In my room, now, I had to move my chair back a foot and a hair. I like a deep soundstage. Can't move back too far, or there it goes. sounds good to me

P.S. and that's a big P.S. remember the distance from the speakers to the back and sides. Major factors as well. You don't want your listening chair close to the wall behind you, either. I'm sure you realize this, but just in case....
Thanks guys,
it looks like 7 feet apart and 7'10" back seem to work with my system. Thanks for all the info