Bypass sub x over

Have sony es avr n would like 2 bypass internal x over yet still use pre out
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For what sources and what purpose? Setting every channel to full/large will defeat all the crossovers. Of course, that means that the sub out will only have LFE.

Would like 2 use x over in sub vs avr have set 2 large but that only sets x @ lowest frequency which guessing is @ 100hz manual doesnt state
The subwoofer pre out's crossover in my ES receiver is fixed at 100hz and as far as I know is not defeatable. Unfortunately, the manual doesn't provide info on the slope characterisics. To avoid stacking filters, I use the LFE input on my sub with good results in my system.

However, a workaround you may want to try is connecting your sub with speaker-level connections from your receiver, connect you main L/R speakers from the sub, and then set your mains to "large" and subwoofer to "No" in your processor to feed all LFE through your sub's x-over.

Sounds like heresy not to use the line-level connection to your sub but the speaker-level route can actually sound very, very good. It will avoid stacking filters in the signal path which can lead to all sorts of distortions.