Need Setup for SimAudio 700i V2 Amplifier bypass mode

I want to experiment and run my Bricasti M21 DAC direct into my SimAudio 700i V2 amplifier and bypass the preamp section.   It is to be determined if going direct to the amplifier will, or will not sound outstanding.  I do not know.
How do I set up the amplifier to 'bypass' the preamplifier for the B1 input?  The manual shows the menu outline but I need some help using it.

Has anyone done this and can you please describe the steps?  Thanks ..

Is anyone running their Bricasti DAC (M1SE, M3 or M21) direct into a power amplifier?   How does it sound and what are your recommendations?    Thanks..  


It was not easy, but I finally placed my SimAudio 70i amp in bypass mode. It was not an easy process.

I am using the volume control on the Bricasti M21 DAC to control the volume. The sound is good but NOT light-years better than using the preamp. My ’gut reaction’ is it might not be as clear. The music does not seem as smooth. Preamp might add more air. I am still doing more listening. Please stay tuned.

So, an hour later, as I stated above, when going direct, I felt the music was missing something. The music was not as open or engaging when going direct to my SimAudio amplifier. The music felt more closed in.

I switched back to preamp mode and everything was sounding right. The air and engaging factor were returned. The music sounded much better.

For my application, and setup, I believe the preamp is needed to help the music sound natural, clearer and engaging. My experiment is done, and I am keeping my SimAudio 700i integrated amp. Case closed.

I know that other people prefer going direct from a DAC to a power amplifier. Based on my audition, my decision is depend on my equipment, my environment and how I listen to music. There is no right or wrong answer since it just depends on the individual.

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I just tried a Bricasti M3 direct into my Pass X250.8 last night, bypassing my SimAudio 740P preamp.   I don't know how the analog output in the M3 compares to the M21 but one would assume there is some good similarity; the same goes for the 700v2 and 740P.

Overall, I much preferred the sound with my preamp in the chain.  Not surprising I heard a little more detail, here and there.  Nothing mind blowing but there was a few songs where it was like I don't remember hearing that before, or at least I don't remember that being as pronounced.

I found vocal timbre pretty much a wash which speaks pretty good of the 740P.   The biggest difference for me was the overall sound was thin and two dimensional sounding.   It was if it went from 3D to 2D.   The sound stage (specially front to back) collapsed.  The 740P gives everything a slight warmth and presence that sounds like live music to me, and I found this gone with the DAC direct.  It just sounded like a fine recording vs being able to visualize I'm in a live event.   Dynamics and Bass were better with the preamp, but I'll give a slight advantage on speed to the DAC direct.

When I consider the MSRP of the 740P is almost double the DAC, obviously the DAC direct is WAY better value.  But, in this crazy hobby where we pay crazy amounts for such small changes, I greatly enjoy and am happy to pay for what my preamp brings to my system's enjoyment; even when I'm only using one single input of the preamp :)

I used to own a 600i (v1) and I loved it.   It wasn't until I added the 740P before I thought I really took a big step up from it.  I imagine the 700v2 must sound pretty nice...