Bybee speaker filter questions

I want to be sure my Bybee speaker filters are hooked up correctly. One end has banana connectors directly attached to the filter box. The other end has Nordost flat wires (about 6 inches) with bannanas on the end. I have two pairs of the filters and currently have them hoked up with the bannana ends going to each of the birewire terminal on my speakers and the speaker wire bannana ends plugged into the terminals on the Bybee. Is this correct?
Just checked my instructions to see I hadn't put mine in wrong. Speaker cables from your amp to the Banana Posts/Connectors on the box. Flatwire out to Banana Pins to your speaker terminals. Let me know what you think. I like mine but I'm in the middle of a high electrical/RF pollution environment.
Thanks, Pls ... I bouught mine used, so I didn't get the instructions!
How do they affect the sound. Im interested
... I think they clean things up a bit with respect to detail. But the effect is very subtle. I have so so many wires running closeto my speaker wires, that I bought them as more of an "insurance policy" than for any other reason.
Lornecherry is right. The effect is usually subtle. The amount of the effect is dependent on the amount of electrical garbage that comes into your listening room. It also seems to depend on the interaction between your speakers, speaker cable and your amp. Snook2, I believe you have Dunlavy SC-V's like I do. If you live in an area of high electrical interference you might want to give them a try. If you live in the middle of nowhere with clean power don't bother.