BV Audio The perfect match for the Odyssey Stratos

Anyone heard of BV audio? I just received this preamp on friday and it is absolutely phenomenal and without a doubt, the best purchase I have ever made in my 30 years of searching for the perfect system. The music flows out of this preamp with the cleanest most natural sound you have ever heard. Check out the website. I have owned the stratos for 2 years and have always been impressed by the sound of this amp, as a matter of fact, I have never once thought about selling it! I have used passives like the luminous audio axiom and the mccormacks. I used tubes from Cary and anthem. I have never heard a preamp make such a difference as the bv p1. I can honestly say that this will be my last preamp for a long time. It is very clean looking. It uses the best quality parts you can buy. It has it all! Balanced outputs for amp and cd, a fabulous phono stage, and the ease of remote control. The remote also controls the gain of the preamp so you can match the amp. Can also change the display with whatever you want to name your inputs. When I got it 2 days ago I was surprised by how nice looking it is compared to the website. I talked to Ivo Stepansky, the owner of the company and he gave me a great deal on a demo unit. This company has some great ideas and if you read the website and the reviews you will understand what this preamp can do for this amp or probably any other amp. If you buy this preamp you won't return it. It is worth 3 if not 4 times the price in sound quality alone without all the added features! Many people have listened to my opinions and suggestions. I am not affiliated with this company at all and like Klaus at Odyssey he has a fabulous product and it will be heard of very soon. I sold many amps for Klaus by my honest opinions of the product and did a couple of his early reviews when the stratos wasn't a house hold name. Great combination and it may stop you from trying and buying other equipment.
Why not write a review of this item? Happy holidays!
Hi Greg
I didn't realize there was a review page until you mentioned this. I have always went to the forum for amps and preamps and wrote from there. I definitely would have done this based on the length of the article. Thanks and have a good holiday.
Thanks for the review. I also have mated a few passive and tube preamps with the Stratos and the overall sound NEVER compared to what good SS active preamps offered with this amp, not even close, the difference was always quite huge, even startling as to how much difference the preamp made in the combination. I'm using the new Musical Fidelity preamp and also find it a highly synergistic match, wouldn't trade it for anything....
Today I received my BV- Audio preamp and am awestruck. It is superb.