Burmester Lamm ARC Edge dartzeel house sound

Short of buying each of these at the same time and then selling all but one to some other agoner, I thought I'd ask this esteemed community for some assistance. My journey to date has been through the CJ path and I'm currently "enjoying" a heavily modified Opera 211 SET. I'd been trying to convince myself that the SET sound was awesome, and it was in comparison to the tired Premier 11a it replaced. But, I just borrowed an old VTL ST125 and it really shook things up, clearly showing me my Kharma's would benefit significantly with more power. I've known my 13watt SET is poorly matched to my 87db or so Kharma 3.2 speakers, but had chosen to keep my head in the sand until Saturday.

I've toyed with the idea of finding more efficient speakers instead. But that route seems more difficult, if not impossible to find a near full range speaker, aside from the Audio Note.

So, it's on to the next amp. and I'd like to stay away from the 6550 pushpull sound, nor am I interested in the big VTLs running 6 power tubes per side - kind of done wondering about tube life, though a hybrid might be fine - tube based AC/DC rectification seems to be a good way to go for some reason. And, of course, I've yet to actually hear a SS amp I could live with. Upstream I've got the Lamm L2R.

So, those of you with experience in these matters, please weigh in. Thoughts at the moment are the Lamm M2.1 (or perhaps the ML2.1), Burmester 911, ARC something, Edge NL series, DarTZeel, others?... All have good reviews, but short of one review equating the Burmester to Spectral (which would not be a good thing for me - a bit stark - I'll trade some precision for more body, warmth), I haven't read much on house sound of these brands. Lastly, descriptions like neutral don't work too well for me because all equipment imparts int's own signature, which is what I'm hoping you can describe as the house sound. Thanks in advance.
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